"Yoga Unveiled is an extraordinary documentary that captures the essence of Yoga in all its myriad forms, illuminating the history and evolution of the practice in a way that is sophisticated, revealing and accessible. The collected knowledge and wisdom in the film is astounding, and I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about Yoga and its applications in modern life. “

Natasha Rizopoulos
Yoga Works, Los Angeles, CA

“Yoga Unveiled is a joyous, educational and uplifting experience from beginning to end. All the aspects of Yoga are harmoniously discussed herein. It is, as far as I know, the only comprehensive audio-visual production available. The renowned authorities, Eastern and Western, have given the message in a telling way. The script, production, photography, music, direction, editing – all bear a mark of high-level professional skill. It will be of immense use to students, practitioners, and teachers of this age-old and yet modern science of total development of life. I was very much impressed by the fact that the ultimate goal of Self-Realization was emphasized throughout. Starting from strengthening of the body, we are guided on to reach the finer and finer levels of our being, unfolding the potential of each and organically uniting it to the goal of life.”

Swami Yogatmananda,
Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Society, Providence, RI

“Yoga Unveiled is a video documentary of the yoga tradition. Early on, the observation is made that yoga is not intended to promote the teacher, but to support the student. This is a fitting and humble orientation-but of course one should not forget the teacher entirely. In this spirit, first-time videographer Gita Desai and her husband, Mukesh, have produced a unique testimony to the countless teachers who brought yoga from the remotest reaches of India to the main streets of America." more….

Jon Janaka
Yoga International

According to yoga historian Dr. Georg Feuerstein, “While there has been a great interest in the discipline of yoga, we don’t yet have the proper context for an authentic engagement of yoga in the West. And that is why it’s not working.” Such insights, calls to action and an attempt to articulate the place of yoga in a Western culture context is the basis of the illuminating documentary Yoga Unveiled: The Evolution and Essence of a Spiritual Tradition." more….

Anurag Dhir
ascent magazine

“Yogins and yoginîs , this is a documentary you must not miss, and it is remarkable that it is so affordable. If I had to summarize this film in one word, it would be, “Wow.” Through interviews with a broad spectrum of experts, exquisite art and graphics, rarely seen archival footage, just-right music, and beautiful narration, Gita and Mukesh Desai have created a magnificent gift honoring the great tradition of Yoga." more….

Trisha Lamb
Online Journal of IAYT

“This is everything, it’s all here. This is the moving image encyclopedia of yoga. Everything the left side of the brain ever wanted to know about yoga is clearly expressed by the world’s leading experts and beautifully illustrated though images of ancient texts and artifacts, archive film footage, the sights and sounds of India and yoga practitioners from both the east and west." more….

Amit Gotti

“I first watched Yoga Unveiled when I was in a Yoga Teacher Training course. I thought it was really wonderful to see and hear so many of the great Yoga teachers of my time and to have the history of Yoga presented concisely, with compassion and wonderful clips of greats such as Indira Devi and Sri Krishnamacharya. When I started my own Teacher Training program I included it as a matter of course. The first weekend the students sit enthralled, at the feet of the masters, so to speak. After years of viewing Yoga Unveiled it is still fresh and interesting. All of the students have enjoyed it and refer to it over the following months we are together.”

Ruth Richman
Yoga Ink, Prince Edward Island, Canada

“Yoga Unveiled is an incredible resource for me as the director of a Yoga Teacher Training program. It traces the very roots and foundations of yoga (often elusive to Westerners practicing yoga today), tracks the migration of yoga from the East to the West, and addresses where it is going in the future. There are engaging interviews with prominent yoga scholars and images of some of the 1st and 2nd generation yoga masters teaching yoga and discussing it’s relevance. Some of these master teachers are still alive today, while others have passed on. But through this film, we are given a rare glimpse into the student/teacher relationship. Yoga Unveiled makes this complex history accessible, and is visually stunning as well. The film addresses not only asana, but yoga in the larger sense. This is a must see film for anyone who practices or teachers yoga.”

Valerie Midgett
Neighborhood Yoga, Boone, NC


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